Industrial Power

Industrial Power

Portable Power Cable is an integral component of global industrialization and a CORE COMPETANCY of TELE-FONIKA Cable. Thermoset rubber cables produced with EPR, EPDM, CPE or Neoprene-based jacket and insulation materials are manufactured for the most severe and demanding applications. Rubber-based products offer a long operational life and are durable, flexible and are highly resistant to oils, chemicals and abrasion.

From welding to motor, generator and battery leads Industrial Power Cables are designed for AC and DC power and can be found in every heavy industry application.

Typical uses include Diesel Locomotive, Railroad, Mass-Transit, Cranes, Conveyors, Deep Well Pumps, Mine Power, Drilling Rigs, Sewage Treatment, Power Generators, Lighting, Steel Mills, Process Industries, Petrochemical and any application that connects to an electric motor or diesel generator.

TELE-FONIKA’s specialization in Industrial Products guarantees the customer will receive a high quality and reliable product.


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