Surface and Underground Applications, Fixed and Reeling
TELE-FONIKA is a worldwide leader in mining cables from surface mining to the toughest underground applications. TF MINING GRADE cables; MP, MPGC, SHDGC perform well in the most extreme environments and are engineered to handle any mining application from medium to extra heavy duty.

With 80 years of manufacturing experience in shaft and surface mine applications, TF has developed a wide range of mining cables that provide following features:

* Excellent flexibility, torsion and drag resistance due to superior construction and applied materials including tinned rope-lay conductors and pure integral filling.
* Maximum working safety due to applied individual shielding which minimize induction of mutual electromotive forces.
* Excellent electrical, temperature parameters, abrasion, compression, tear and flame resistance due to special in-house developed formulations of insulation and jacketing materials.

TELE-FONIKA currently supplies all major mining and mine service companies in the US and Canada.


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